Your Community

 Black by David Brown, Associate Minister

Mount Vernon Heights Congregational Church


B – Bold, brilliant:

  • Overcoming obstacles and oppression
  • Standing strong together united
  • Never backing down.

L – Leading, loving, learning:

  • Guiding one another
  • Teaching to love others and to love self
  • Knowing self-worth and raising leaders

A – Accomplished, active:

  • Reaching goals despite adversity
  • Active in our homes and our communities
  • Parenting our children, our princes and princess
  • Protecting and providing for our wives, our queens
  • Supporting and caring for our husbands, our kings.

C – Can:

  • I repeat “Can”
  • Unstoppable, strong willed
  • Striving for greater
  • Never settling for less
  • No excuses
  • Never excepting defeat.

K – Keepers:

  • Keepers of our faith, our belief, our heritage
  • Teaching and passing on our greatness


K – Killers:

  • Killers of ourselves
  • And our preservation of our heritage and our history

C – Can’t:

  • I repeat “CAN’T!”
  • “Can’t” a word we use oh too often no longer willing to put forth the work
  • Quick to give up on self and life

A – Addicted, ashamed:

  • Addicted to this instantaneous life style, to negativity, to anger and excuses.
  • Not willing to accept one own’s fault.
  • Ashamed of who we are, who we can be, who we were

L – Lacking in Knowledge:

  • Education and motivation
  • Waiting for tomorrow when you have today
  • Lacking self-worth, self-esteem
  • Lacking will

B – Backwards:

  • Backwards thinking
  • Backward living
  • Everything accomplish
  • We slowly diminishing
  • Tearing down
  • Destroying what we are, who we are, forgetting BLACK
  • You; Me ; Us